Evidence of flowing water on Mars

Evidence of flowing water on Mars

water on Mars

Evidence of flowing water on Mars

The belief of flowing water on Mars is based on the streaks which appear on the surface of the planet. Before the evidences were collected, it was believed that the dark streaks are formed either by the flowing water or the movement of ice or by the strong winds in the Red Planet.

The evidences having signatures of salts have been collected by the instrument which is called CRISM. Based on this, scientist have strong believe that these marking have been made because of the flowing water (salty) in the planet.

According to the scientist briny water on Mars contains salts which are support the life forms, hence the discovery of such water is a significant achievement. Scientist are very positive of using water on Mars for drinking and making oxygen.

The discovery of water on Mars, has opened a new window for coming Mars explorations. But still there are many questions about water on mars, which are unanswered, like what is the source of water, how much water does the planet has and how it appears on the surface of the Red Planet, will it be helpful for future Mars missions having Human contingents.

Some of the facts about the Red Planet:

  1. Distance from Sun: 227,900,000 km

  2. No. of Moons: 02 (Phobos, Deimos)

  3. 4th planet from Sun.

  4. After Mercury, its the second smallest planet in the universe.

  5. This planet is named after the Roman God of war, and is often known as ‘Red Planet’.

Note: Click here to visit NASA official website.

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