How to prepare for Group Discussion

How to prepare for Group Discussion

How to prepare for Group Discussion?

The Group Discussion session plays major role in most of the competitive exams, government job interviews or armed forces section process. It not only helps the panel to test or examine the candidate on several aspects, but it also gives an opportunity or a platform to the candidate to showcase his communication skills, listening ability, reasoning ability, ability to be a team player and to shoe the leadership skills.

Generally, before a selection process, candidates are worried about the selection process, and if it involves Group Discussion (GD), applicants have a familiar question of how to prepare for Group Discussion. They are worried about

Let’s understand some basics of how to prepare for group discussion:

  • Group discussion requires applicant to convey his/her thought clearly, convincingly and satisfactorily to a group of people. Not only the knowledge about the topic is assessed or examined, clarity or thoughts, voice modulation and candidate’s body knowledge while doing so is examined. Candidates should be expressive in his dialogue and should speak only which is required. Some of the common things on ‘How to prepare for Group Discussion’ involve:
    • Reading books or good news papers (especially editorials) for 20-30 min daily.
    • Stand in front of a mirror and speak about a topic.
    • Practice group discussion with friend.
    • Try having discussion with senior.
    • Watch discussions on TV.
    • Follow discussions on social networking sites.
  • Another part of ‘How to prepare for group discussion’ involves best practices to be followed during group discussion. Some of the practices to be remembered and followed are as follows:
    • If the topic is provided before the start of the session, try to jot down the relevant points corresponding to the topic.
    • Always keep pen and paper with you for the Group Discussion
    • Dress formally as much as possible for the session.
    • If you think contestants are taking too much time to start, don’t hesitate to be the first one. Remember, first impression is the last impression.
    • Be concise and specific (choose right words and sentences), as other contestants will not wait for you.
    • Be confident, sit straight and have eye contact with everyone in the group.
    • Do not be personal with other contestants, try to objective on your points
    • If you do not agree to others, try to put your view point with reasons.

To summarize ‘How to prepare for group discussion’, please find below the Do’s and Don’ts of Group discussion:

  1. Eye to Eye Contact:
    • Most of the participants of Group Discussion make a mistake of not having eye to eye contact with every participant. They generally pick a participant and try to put his/her points in front of him/her.
      • Have eye contact with every team member while speaking.
  2. Take a leap:
    • Initiating the group discussion is always an advantage over others. This should be done with care, remember first impression is the last impression. In-case other participants are taking time to start the discussion, start the discussion with confidence.
    • During discussion in-case you feel that the discussion is going of the track and is deviating from the main topic, demonstrate your leadership skills and bring the discussion back to the main stream.
      • Initiate discussion only when you have the understanding and clarity of thoughts on the topic.
  3. Respect other’s view point:
    • Wait for others to complete their sentence, even if you do not agree with others view point. Remember, you are not against an individual; just you have a different view point on a topic. Use that time to make notes for yourself.
      • Take your turn, allow others to speak.
  4. Be clear and concise:
    • It is very important to be specific, simple, and to use of understandable words while conveying your thoughts. Just keep a note for group discussion you have a limited time, hence you should be clear and concise in your dialogue.
    • You won’t be rated for speaking more, but you will be rated on you the quality of dialogues.
      • Not the quantity of words, but the Quality of thoughts will matter.
  5. Positive stamina:
    • Sit straight and in confidence during group discussion. Always be positive and have a smiling in your face.

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