President of India Election Process

President of India Election Process

President of India Election

President of India Election

President of India election is conducted whenever the President Office becomes vacant because of any reason. The position of held by the President for a term of 5 years from the date on which he enters upon his office. However, on the expiry of his/her term may continue to hold office until the successor enters upon the office.

President of India is elected by the member of Electoral College consisting of:

  1. Rajya Sabha elected members (also known as Upper House)
  2. Lok Sabha elected members (also known as Lower House
  3. State Legislative Assemblies elected members and
  4. Elected members of Legislative Assemblies of Delhi and Pondicherry

The detail on President of Indian election has been given in article-54 of the Constitution of India.

The Election Commission of India has been vested with the responsibility by Indian Constitution for conducting the election for President of India.

Eligibility criteria for becoming the President of India:

  1. India Citizen
  2. 35 years or above of age,
  3. Qualified to become a member of the Lok Sabha,
  4. Should not hold any office of profit, and
  5. Should not be a member of the Parliament or of a State Legislature.

Each individual elector has the different # of votes. Total # of votes cast by Parliament Members equals the total # of votes cast by State Legislators. As a result state with larger members can cast more votes than those from the smaller states. This also implies that is the state has less # of legislators, than every legislator has more votes and vice-versa.

The vote calculation by a state is done by dividing the State’s population by 1000, which again is divided # of legislators from the State. This results into the # of votes available with the each legislator. Similarly, elected members of Parliament have the same # of votes, calculated by dividing the total # of votes assigned to legislative assembly’s members by the # of elected representatives of the parliament.

So the President of India is selected by the # of votes received from the Electoral College.

Official website of President of India.

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