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The job posts and other information provided on are for the reference purposes only. For the official information, users of this website are requested to visit the official website or contact the respective organizations’ officials.

Although NAUKRIDIGEST will put in all the efforts to ensure that the information provided is the latest and accurate, but there may be instances where due to result of the passage of time, changes due to laws, human error and/or system failures, etc. the information may become no longer accurate. Therefore NAUKRIDIGEST takes/makes no warranty as to the accuracy of any information contained in and/or in this website.

In our endeavour to provide the accurate and latest information, NAUKRIDIGEST will sometime provide links to the official website which could be inaccurate and misdirected. In such situation or others NAUKRIDIGEST will not be liable for any use of such information or links in any manner whatsoever and this entire disclaimer policy applies to those information and links too.

NAUKRIDIGEST will not accept any liability whatsoever for using this website any manner. Use of the website is at the users own risk. NAUKRIDIGEST will not be held liable to you or to any other in relation to loss or damage of any kind or manner, from the use of this website.

Also as the user of this website we will expect you to inform NAUKRIDIGEST, about the in-accuracy of information or content in our website.

NAUKRIDIGEST does use cookies, web beacons, also known as web bugs, etc. to store/process information about visitors’ preferences, user-specific information of pages which user has accessed or visited, or other information that the visitor sends via their browser.

Users are also informed that this policy can be revised at any time, and it shall not be communicated to the users. The policy can be accessed by its users at any time from the website.

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