What is Carbon Footprint

What is Carbon Footprint

What is Carbon Footprint

What is Carbon Footprint?

You will be surprised to know that whatever activity we do involves emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Example driving car, watching TV, buying food, running air conditioner, traveling by train, running your laptop, playing video games, etc.

Carbon footprint is the amount of gases (including CO2) that have been emitted in a time period (generally one year) by individuals, organization or event or product. The major portion of greenhouse gas is CO2, hence the name carbon footprint.

Why to worry about Carbon footprint?

The global community believes that emission of greenhouse gas is one of the major reason behind climate change of global warming. The current scenario awareness about global warming has increased and so is the interest on Carbon footprint. Many of the people are interested to get the answer to the question ‘What is Carbon Footprint’?

Peter Drucker often quoted ‘What can’t be measured, can’t be improved’. Hence it’s important to measure the amount of greenhouse gas emitted in a year, in order to control carbon footprint or to reduce the emission of GHC and to mitigate the risk of climatic changes.

In last couple of years Countries, Organizations, NGO and individual have started taking responsibility to measure carbon footprint and to improve the climate. Many of the corporates have taken the initiative of making a change under the corporate social responsibility (CSR) project.

The presence of greenhouse gas effects its ability to retain heat. The higher the concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere causes Global Warming. Hence carbon footprint becomes a very important tool to understand and measure the impact of GHC on Global Warming.

How to calculate carbon footprint?

Many methodologies and approaches have been defined in the market to calculate carbon footprint. But doing it using different methodology, results into inconsistent and unreliable results.

In order to make a consistent, credible and comparable measurement World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) have come up with GHP Protocol methodology. You can download a copy of the GHG Protocol from www.ghgprotocol.org.

There is another methodology has been given by International Organization for Standardization, ISO 14064 in the form of guidance. Visit www.iso.org for details.

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