What is Mechanical Engineering

What is Mechanical Engineering

What is Mechanical Engineering

What is Mechanical Engineering?

From the time students get out of college (12th standard), a very intricate questions start to haunt them. And the question is What is Mechanical Engineering? The perplexity starts when we have other questions like which stream to choose so that our future is secure.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

“Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.” -James A. Michener

So, to understand and know what mechanical engineering, we should first understand the word ‘Engineering’.

Engineering is any action to bring out something valuable, which could be tangible or intangible. Engineering helps in solving complex problems for the society.

It can also be said that engineering is the use of science and mathematics to solve problem or to bring something new or improved in the world.

Engineering is a very fast subject and in current situation it involves engineering like chemical, agriculture, computer, civil, mechanical, etc.

So coming back, mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branch of engineering which involves the use of science (mechanics, kinetics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, etc.) and mathematics to build, test and improve the machines, engines and other mechanical devices. Some laureates believe mechanical engineering to be the mother of all engineering.

In a very simple statement it can be said that any thing that moves involves mechanical engineering.

Currently the scope of mechanical engineering has expanded beyond it’s traditional boundaries. It provides vast variety of options to choose as a future. Example of the fields in which mechanical engineers can work are

  1. Aerospace industry

  2. Automotive industry

  3. Defence industry

  4. Electronics industry

  5. Robotics industries

  6. Rail industry

  7. Oil and Gas industry, etc.

There are various non-technical industries Consultancies (Management, Financial, etc.), Teaching, IT industry, etc., where mechanical engineers are preferred because of their good knowledge of mathematics and science.

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